Rock of Israel Congregation

It all started with meeting some Russian-Jewish immigrant friends. There are approximately 100,000 Russian speaking immigrants living in Philadlephia. About half are Jewish, many are secular, some are Central Asian Muslims, and there are a few Baptists and Pentecostals. Years ago we started some small group meetings and holiday dinners in our home.  Eventually we began working on planting a Russian speaking congregation among Jewish immigrants from the former Soviet Union.  Marko Malyj, who was a bi-vocational volunteer with CHAIM, did tremendous work in getting this rolling. After an initial period of time under an initial organizing pastor, Rev. Klett took over responsibilities as congregationalm planter. A few years ago we were able to add a Russian-speaking pastor, Vitaly Kalinovsky to the team.

We a have bi-lingual worship services Friday nights at 808 Red Lion Rd. Philadelphia PA 19115 using the Bethesda Presbyterian Church Fellowship Hall, and a home fellowship prayer meeting on Sundays. The congregation is growing! It is wonderful to see Americans and Russian-speaking immigrants, people from both Jewish, Russian, and Central Asian Muslim backgrounds worshiping side by side! New people are contacted by various means. We've engaged in door-to-door visitation, telephone calling, holiday programs, concerts, tracting, participation in community festivals, and outreach at a local gym. CHAIM's director, Rev. Fred Klett serves in a pastoral capacity in the congregation, preaching in English with Russian translation , unlss Rev. Kalinovsky is preaching in Russian. 

Rev. Rick Anderson pictured doing some telephone calling to Russian businesses. (He doesn't really wear a Russian hat while calling!)

If you are in the Philadelphia area come visit us!

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