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Theological and Apologetic Articles

Reforming Jewish Ministry, Part 1

Reforming Jewish Ministry, Part 2

How Messiah Found Me (Rick Anderson's Testimony)

To the Jew First - A Reformed Look at Romans 1:16

Is the God of the Rabbis Really the God of Abraham?
A preliminary study of Jewish Rationalism and Mysticism (Kabbalah) and Greek and Pagan influences in Rabbinic cosmology

So Called Christian Anti-Semitism

The Suffering Servant: Isaiah 53
The Absurdity of Atheism
Clearing Up Confusion About the Ceremonial Laws

Understanding Ceremonial Law (.pdf file)
The Unpardonable Sin
Not Replacement...Expansion!
Towards a Reformed Israelology
In the Fullness of Time
Are the Jews Really Jewish?  Refuting the Khazar Theory
Getting the Big Picture in the Bible

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Fall 2008 Edition

Spring 2006 Passover Edition

Peace in the Middle East: Is Real Shalom Possible?

Summer 2004 CHAIM Times

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December 2003 CHAIM Times

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Winter 2005 CHAIM Times

Jewish Holiday Articles

Is the Easter Bunny Jewish?
The Fall Feasts of Israel
Jesus and Hanukkah: Is Your Messiah Too Small?
The Broken Matzah at Passover
Rejoicing at Tisha B'Av?
Shabbat: a New Covenant Perspective

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Our Position on Eschatology

An Encounter in Life's Waiting Room

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