Bio of CHAIM Director Fred Klett


After studying at Johns Hopkins University from 1971-1974, he became a Christian and then completed his undergraduate work at Towson State University in 1975. Rev. Klett earned his Masters degree at Westminster Theological Seminary, where he focused on Old Testament and Jewish studies whenever possible. He studied there from 1978-1983. He has gone through staff training with InterVarsity and Jews for Jesus and has participated in the Jews for Jesus Summer Campaign in New York City.

Ministry Experience

He has been in full-time Jewish ministry since 1984. He served for four years with the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship as a Jewish evangelism specialist, and then spent a year with The Messianic Jewish Center in downtown Philadelphia.

In 1989 a board was organized and Fred became director of CHAIM, CHristians Announcing Israel's Messiah. At that time there was no Jewish mission in the USA firmly committed to a Reformed and Covenantal position.

Rev. Klett was ordained as an evangelist by the PCA in 1990.  He is the first ordained PCA evangelist specifically called and set apart to evangelize the Jewish people.

He served a four-year term (1995-1999) as Coordinator for the Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism in North America, an organization providing missiological study, cooperation, and networking among those involved in Jewish missions.

Rev. Klett leads Rock of Israel, a bilingual Russian-English Jewish oriented PCA congregational plant in Northeast Philadelphia.

Writing and Teaching

In addition to preaching in PCA, OPC, ARP and other churches throughout the United States and providing seminars in Jewish evangelism, Rev. Klett is a visiting professor at Westminster Seminary in California ,teaching on Jewish Evangelism and he has  also been a lecturer at Westminster Seminary Philadelphia.  He has taught at HaifaTheological Seminary teaching Old Testament courses.  He has also taught at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL and Washington, DC and has also guest lectured at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis, MO.

Rev. Klett has published articles in New Horizons Magazine, The Theological Forum of the Reformed Ecumenical Synod, Issues - A Messianic Jewish Perspective, The Messianic Times, The Christian Observer, Mishkan, and has presented several papers at the Lausanne Consultation for Jewish Evangelism, two being published in the LCJE International Bulletin. His articles have appeared in several Russian language newspapers, including Jewish Life and Advertisement and Life. He also writes the CHAIM Times newsletter and has produced Jewish-oriented evangelistic and discipleship materials.  He wrote the chapter on Kaballah in the new book Global Wizardry, by Peter Jones.


Fred has written a number of Jewish style gospel songs and can lead singing while accompanying himself on the guitar.  He is also an accomplished harmonica player and also plays sax and flute.


Fred and his wife Jean were married in 1978. They have three grown children.

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