We've sponsored home fellowships for many years.  The philosophy is to provide fellowship, discipleship and encouragement for Jewish believers in the church and to provide a place to bring out Jewish friends who might not visit a church. This is a picture of a Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) dinner a few years back.
Here is another Feast of Tabernacles dinner for the Olive Tree Fellowship at Church of the Saviour in Wayne, PA.
Friends at a Purim Party (Feast of Esther) at the Klett home.
Rev. Klett cooks with Matzah for a Passover Seder for a CHAIM home fellowship group.
This was taken at a CHAIM Chavurah barbeque back in the 1990s.  Our friend Art fascinates Joan with his story.
Another old photo.  The young man in the middle, a brilliant pianist from a Romanian Jewish family, is now a believer in Messiah teaching at a Christian college.
In the middle is pictured a dear Jewish lady who came out to our fellowship for a year, during which she was dying of cancer. She professed faith and was ready to be baptized, but then her time in this life ran out.  We miss her, but we are confident she is with her Messiah!
Here is our good friend Rich playing piano at a Hanukkah party circa 1989.  This is really a golden oldie!

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