Let us know what you want and we will provide an original for you to copy and use as you need. We only ask to be reimbursed for our cost in printing and postage.


The Easter Bunny Is Not Jewish! For Passover and Easter, looking at the resurrection.

The Hanukkah-Christmas Connection - For Hanukkah and Christmas.

The Absurdity of Atheism Deals with the presuppositions of atheism

Messiah's Bridge - This is a "Bridge" type presentation that you fill in as you explain the Gospel.

600 Years B.C. the Jewish prophet Jeremiah spoke of a NEW COVENANT - The basic gospel explained

The Suffering Servant of Isaiah 53: Who Can It Be?

STREET TRACTS (Humorous, cartoon-style, & contemporary. For Street Use.)

Happy Independence Day (Fourth of July orientation)

In Case You Are Lost... Directions given for an ultimate destination

A Message from "Generic Religious Tracts" A "plain vanilla" pamphlet that explains the gospel.


Calvin, Hodge, Murray, Vos, etc. What do they Say About the Jewish People?  (Very Positive Reformed Quotations)

John Owen on the Jewish People - This great theologian had some great things to say

A Puritan Rabbi? The Judah Monis Story Increase and Cotton Mather lead him to faith.

Sharing Messiah with Jewish Friends  - Basic witnessing tips

Introducing CHAIM - What we are all about


CHAIM Passover Haggadah - Put on your own New Covenant Passover Seder!

The Jewish Holidays and Their New Covenant Implications - A guide to the Jewish Holidays for Christians

Bulletin Inserts on the Jewish Holidays - Helps Christians to share their faith

Preacher's Guide To The Jewish Holidays - Sermon Ideas for Pastors

Shabbat: A New Covenant Perspective Argues that Sunday is the New Covenant Day of Worship


Nurturing the Natural Branches - Prepares Christian workers for discipling new Jewish believers

The Messianic Bris - Pamphlet explains Covenant Baptism to Jewish believers

Shabbat: A New Covenant Perspective Explains why we worship on Sunday

T-SHIRTS - We send you camera ready copy

I (heart) the Messiah - I Love the Jewish Messiah

God is Love (Repeated in four languages: Hebrew, Yiddish, English, Russian)


Not Replacement, Expansion - Explains Covenant Theology in response to charges made

Towards a Reformed Israelogy - How do the ideas of the church being Israel and God's continuing interest in the Jewish people go together?

Other Papers - Articles are available on the Ceremonial Law, Eschatology (A-mil/Post-mil in orientation), The Khazars, etc. Just ask!


Jewish Evangelism Seminar Notebook (About 80 pages. Some pages are outlines.)

2017 Advent Devotional

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