Programs for Churches and Christian Institutions

*These are Richard Anderson's dramatic recitations of the whole book of Hebrews and about 30 minutes of Isaiah from memory and in costume, if desired!

Bold and Active Evangelism

We are committed to getting the gospel out to our Jewish friends.  We have used and are using a number of means: street evangelism (hundreds of thousands of gospel tracts have gone out under the supervision of CHAIM's director), mass-mailings (thousands of households in Jewish areas have been contacted), Jewish Holiday programs, hospitality, and special events at local churches.  We are also involved in Russian immigrant ministry through Russian-Jewish oriented Bible studies, a music ministry, and we are working on planting a Russian-speaking congregation connected with the PCA Presbytery of Philadelphia. We also seek to minister to intermarried couples.  If we can be of service to your church, please contact us by e-mail at:

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