These are some of our friends at Church of the Saviour in Wayne, PA. Rev. Klett has taught several sunday School classes there over the years. Classes like these in local churches help Christians understand their Jewish friends better and equip them to share their faith more intelligently.
Here's CHAIM's director after having blown the shofar (ram's horn trumpet) at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia.  Providing teaching on the Jewish holidays at churches like Tenth PCA educates churches in the connections between Jewish holidays and Jesus.
Here are some members of Intown PCA in Atlanta at one of the Passover Seders CHAIM conducted there.
Mike Hollenbach did an internship with CHAIM.  Mike is one of the pastors at New Life PCA in Fort Washington, PA.
Rev. Klett with students he taught at Westminster Theological Seminary in California.  Fred has taught at WTS West and WTS Philadelphia, Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL and RTS in Washington, DC.  Teaching seminary students raises the vision for Jewish ministry in the church and helps future pastors know how to reach out to Jewish people in their neighborhoods.
Here is part of the core group of interest at Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, AL.  We are pleased to have a couple, Todd and Sandi, working with Briarwood PCA as CHAIM volunteers.  Pray for the ministry there!

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