Getting the Big Picture

How the Whole Bible Fits Together

The more you study the Bible, the more you are able to see great over-arching themes.  The basis for believing Jesus is the Messiah is not simply a few proof texts, rather it is based upon the whole Hebrew Bible.  The coming of Messiah is central to God's plan of restoring a people for himself from Mankind's Fall (into sin and disobedience).  Rabbinic legend speaks of Messiah waiting in the Garden of Eden, which will be restored when he comes. There is a indeed great theological insight in that legend!  The restoration of mankind from the Fall is bound up with Messiah's coming.  Messiah's redemption must involve restoration of all the benefits man had at Creation.  There is only one sort of Messiah who fits this description, the one spoken in the New Covenant Scriptures in fulfillment of the Old!  See for yourself. (You can download this in chart form here.)

Creation:  What mankind had: life in the Garden under blessing. (Land & Seed under blessing)

  • Blessing of God (Gen. 1:28)
  • Close Relationship and Communication with God (Gen. 1:28, 3:8)
  • No Shame (Gen. 2:25)
  • Heart of Man Innocent (Gen. 1:27, 31; 2:25)
  • Harmony Between Man and Nature (Gen. 1:28)
  • Residence in Garden of Eden
  • Eternal Life, eating of Tree of Life (Gen. 2:17, 3:22)

Fall:  What mankind lost: the blessing  replaced by the curse.  (Land and Seed under curse)

  • Curse of God (Gen. 3:17)
  • Separation from God: man hides and is thrown out of Gan Eden (Gen. 3:8)
  • Shame enters and a covering is needed (Gen. 3:7, 21)
  • Heart becomes prone to do evil (Gen. 4:8; 6:5)
  • Disharmony (Cain kills Abel, animals fear, thorns) (Gen. 3:16-18, 9:2)
  • Expulsion from Garden of Eden (Gen. 3:23)
  • Death (Gen. 3:19, 22)

Redemption in Tenach (OT):  What was to be regained, often as represented as a promise or type: (Land and Seed begin restoration)

  • Blessing (All nations to be blessed through seed of Abraham) (Gen. 12:2-3; 22:17-18)
  • Closer Relationship and Communication with God (Temple, Prophets) (Dt. 4:29-40)
  • Shame Covered (Atonement/covering for Sin Leviticus ch. 17)
  • Heart Renewed (God changes name, New Heart in Ez. 36, Ps. 51)
  • Harmony Promised (Renewal of Nature, Wars Cease, Isaiah ch. 2 & 11)
  • Promised Land (Meek inherit Israel Ps. 37:11)
  • Death Overcome (Eternal life, resurrection, see Daniel 12:2)
  • Redemption of New Covenant (See Jeremiah 31:31): Full blessing restored through Messiah.  Accomplished at first coming, presently unfolding, fullness experienced when he returns. (Land and Seed fully restored in a New Heavens and Earth.)

Full Blessing (Restored through New Adam, Rom. 5:12-19; 1 Cor. 15:22)

Relationship with God restored (Sonship, Temple of the H.S., Word)

  • Shame Removed (Jesus atones for sin, we are righteous through Him, Titus 3:3-7)
  • Heart Renewed (Born Again, John 3:3)
  • Harmony (Messiah restores peace, Jews and Gentiles together, renews nature at return)
  • Promised Land (Meek now inherit whole Earth, (Mt. 5:5)
  • Death Overcome (Messiah rises from dead, eternal life to believers, 1 Cor. 15)

Progress of the Covenant of Grace:

  • Restoration Promised to Adam (Gen.3:15)
  • Covenant Promise of blessing through Abraham (Gen. 22:18)
  • Establishment of Israel (Mosaic Covenant)
  • Covenant With Davidic King (2 Sam 78:12-16, Ps. 72:17)
  • Messiah (Jeremiah 31:31-34, New Covenant, Gal. 3)
  • New Heavens and Earth (Rev. 21 and 22)

God had a covenant with Adam at Creation which was broken. He established a Covenant of Grace with Adam which is administered in different ways until it's final expression in the Messiah, the "Second Adam." We experience the covenant blessings spiritually now, in complete fullness when Messiah returns.