CHAIM Was Recommended to the Churches of the PCA

Overture #39 20th PCA GA

Whereas the church has a responsibility to bring the gospel to all peoples, and this certainly includes the Jewish people;

Whereas the PCA embraces the Westminster Standards as expressing the doctrinal system revealed in the Holy Scriptures;

Whereas an ordained PCA evangelist to the Jewish people has been engaged full time in Jewish ministry by directing a mission called CHAIM, which conducts ministry in several presbyteries, has been endorsed in several presbyteries and has been granted tax-exempt status;

Whereas CHAIM also embraces the Westminster Standards as its doctrinal basis, is Reformed and Covenantal in theology, has another PCA minister as the chairman of its board and, according to its by-laws, requires 3/4 of its board members to be PCA or OPC elders;

Therefore, the 20th General Assembly, through its Mission to North America, recognizes the spiritual ties between ourselves and CHAIM and commends CHAIM to the churches of the PCA as a valid and Reformed agency worthy of the prayers, participation, and support of churches in the Presbyterian Church in America.