Programs for Churches

(More info coming)

  • Jesus and the Passover (demo or full seder)
  • A Hebrew Recites Hebrews*
  • Isaiah's Messiah*
  • The Fall Feasts of Israel
  • The True Light of Hanukkah
  • Shavuot: The Harvest is the Lord's
  • Evangelism After the Holocaust
  • A Reformed View of Jewish Missions
  • Sharing Messiah Seminar
  • Yeshua: Blessed be the Name
  • Dramatic Recitations from Memory: Hebrews, Galatians, Isaiah*
  • Church Consultation and Training Seminars
  • Programs for Christian Schools
  • Seminary Courses

*These are Richard Anderson's dramatic recitations of the whole book of Hebrews and about 30 minutes of Isaiah from memory and in costume, if desired!