The Good News!

The Jewish prophet Jeremiah said God would make a New Covenant with Israel. He wrote that 600 years before Messiah came!  (See Jeremiah chapter 31, verses 31-34 in the Hebrew Bible.)

1.  God created us in his image to be holy and perfect. We were designed to live forever with him. Death was not a part of the original state of things.  (See the first three chapters of Genesis.)

2.  The problem is, we've all rebelled and we've all broken the Torah, God's Law. God is holy and just, therefore he cannot simply overlook our sins. Sin must be judged and paid for. God's justice demands payment. A holy God cannot allow sinful man into his intimate presence. That is exactly why there is a place called Hell. People are sent there to be punished for their sins and banished from God's loving presence. Under the Mosaic system, sacrifices were set up to pay for the sins of Israel.  (See Leviticus 16, about Yom Kippur.)

3.  Since every last one of us has sinned, we are all under God's judgment, we all die, and, left to ourselves, we all are on the way to Hell. (King David said there is not one who does not sin. He himself freely admitted he was a sinner.  See Psalms 14 and 51.)

4.  God is loving as well as just. Because God loves his people, he provided the Messiah to take the punishment they deserve. The Jewish prophet Isaiah spoke of this 700 years before Messiah came. (See our section on Isaiah chapter 53 for an amazing prophecy describing Messiah's death and resurrection!) In fulfillment of the Levitical sacrifices, Messiah Jesus died to provide payment for the sins of all those who believe.

Messiah rose again from the dead and presented his payment for his people's sin before the Father. (See our section on the Easter Bunny for evidence on the resurrection.) One day Messiah will return to judge the earth and bring the resurrection of all people.

5.  God now commands all to turn to him in faith and to turn away from sin. He promises forgiveness and eternal life to all who trust Messiah Jesus and receive him as Lord. This message of forgiveness is being proclaimed all over the earth to Jews and Gentiles alike. He saves his people and gives us his Spirit to renew us. You can receive God's mercy through faith --faith alone.

6.  Will you turn from your sins and your rebellion, trust Messiah, and follow him? If you do, you will be spared the punishment for your sin and you will be be restored to fellowship with your Creator. You are promised eternal life in fellowship with him if you turn to God and believe the Good News.

"For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Messiah Jesus our Lord" (Romans 6:23).

Why turn down God's free gift of eternal life? If this message is true, there is nothing more important to know about!

Turn to God now in faith. Talk to him and confess your sins. Thank him for sending Messiah as payment for sin. Receive Messiah's payment as payment for your sins.

If you are not yet able to believe, ask God to enable you to know if this is true and to believe the truth. If you need an intellectual basis to believe, we certainly want to be of help and can provide written materials in addition to what can be found on this web site.

Contact us if we can help you by providing information, or if you have come to trust in Messiah and want to know how to go forward in your faith.